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Digital technology has already played important roles in every aspect of our personal, social, and professional lives. This will even be more true for our children. Technology-enabled education is the only way moving forward to produce competitive creative forces and productive members of future society, starting from the children today. Indonesia needs such an education to groom its human capital, thus making them national assets to compete in the global society.

Adopting technology in education has been a discussion topic within the Ministry of Education. Efforts to embed technology in learning and teaching processes have been made. However, this is a complex situation. Not only do they need to bring and introduce technology-enabled education to learning-teaching ecosystem, but they must also consider technology adoption readiness among teachers and students and pedagogy approach adaptation.
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We are a group of young generation driven to bring education forward in Indonesia. Strong background in psycho-education, publishing-printing, digital-technology, we identify and formulate an effective and efficient solution for build 21st century learning ecosystem and develop digital literacies competence.
We are trusted by Apple to become Education Partner and an Apple Authorized Education Reseller.
We do collaborate with several Partners in order to create the whole experience to schools. In partnership with tech giant like Apple, Google and Microsoft, we are setting the pace for transforming digital education in the Indonesia using latest solutions from across-platform hardware and software solutions. We also equipped our consultants with Certified Google Educator program.

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